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Beach Umbrellas

With our oceanfront location, most visitors to Bella Vista will be planning to maximize their time on the beach. Sun protection is key, especially when planning a whole day out. One thing to note for an upcoming visit is that Myrtle Beach has passed ordinances around what types of shades are allowed on the beach. They came into effect in May of 2021 and there was some confusion, so hopefully this post will help clear things up!

There are different rules based on which part of Myrtle Beach you are staying in. There are rules for the City of Myrtle Beach proper, ones for Horry County (the county in which Myrtle Beach is located) and ones for North Myrtle Beach. Note that there are some locations with an address of Myrtle Beach, but fall under the Horry County rules.

Confused? So was I! But with a little digging, despite having a Myrtle Beach address, Bella Vista falls within the Horry County jurisdiction. So here are the umbrella rules for guests of Bella Vista:


  • Single-pole umbrellas with a canopy no greater than 7 feet, 6 inches in diameter and placed no closer to the water than being in line with the umbrella line established by the lifeguards

  • Shelters for use by infants and very small children can be pop-up or inflatable and must be no larger than 4 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet

Not Permitted

  • Single-pole umbrellas with a canopy diameter greater than 7 feet, 6 inches

  • Tents of any kind, including the 4-pole ones commonly seen at sporting events

The good news is that you don't have to bring your own beach umbrella to Bella Vista because we provide umbrellas that meet the requirements. They are located in our "Beach Closet" along with chairs, sand toys, and other outdoor games. All these amenities are provided to you by us and are separate from the rental management company. Availability of specific items may vary, but we essentially try to stock everything that we like to use ourselves when we are there!

The beach towels we provide are outside of the rental program (they provide the bed linens and bath towels). We supply these beach towels as an extra convenience to our guests, because beach towels can be bulky and take up precious space in your suitcase. We just ask that if you choose to use our beach towels, that afterwards you wash, dry, fold, and return them to their original spot in the Beach Closet to be ready for the next guest. We also have heavy duty drying racks in the utility room, so please use those to hang the beach towels, instead of hanging them off the balcony or furniture.

Good news that if you don't feel like schlepping a bunch of gear to the beach, you can also rent chairs and umbrellas from Lack's Beach Service. They operate the lifeguard stands between March and October, with their peak season being from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The closest lifeguard stand to our building is N-13. You can reserve by day or for the whole week, and pay by cash or credit card.

Want to buy your own umbrella that complies with the regulations? One great option is the BeachBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System. Family owned and operated and based out of Greensboro, NC, it uses an ingenious method for stabilizing the umbrella: sand! We are not an affiliate, we just think this is a great product.

For more details about rules and regulations on shading equipment for the beach, you can visit:

We hope this information is helpful to you as you plan your trip to Bella Vista!

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