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Finn McCool's

We're a month away from St. Patrick's Day, so it's fitting to highlight our local Irish pub in advance so you can start making your plans to celebrate!

Just a short drive away from Bella Vista, Finn McCool's is located at 501 Arrowhead Road, at the corner of King's Road. A classic Irish pub, it is the perfect destination for celebrating the wearing of the green. During the week of St. Patrick's Day, they celebrate with green beer, bagpipes, and plenty of singing.

One of our favorite dishes at Finn McCool's is a house specialty called the Four Leaf Clover Dinner. It is a classic corned beef and cabbage, served with carrots, potatoes and a slice of garlic bread. The corned beef is so flavorful and it separates easily on your fork. The cabbage was seasoned well and was tender, not soggy. It is offered September through May, so be sure to give it a try when it's in season.

Another fantastic dish that we've enjoyed here is their Shepherd's Pie, loaded sky high with mashed potatoes! It was one of the dishes on their specials menu, so of course we had to try it and it did not disappoint. The Shepherd's Pie was flavorful and so filling, we couldn't even finish all the mashed potatoes (though we did try!).

Last, but not least we ordered their Pork Chop dinner special. It was a huge, thick, and juicy pork chop that was grilled to perfection. It's so easy to overcook pork chops and have them come out dry and bland, but this one was well prepared, and served with a baked potato. Everyone in our party enjoyed the food they selected and their prices are very reasonable.

The energy in the pub was great. There were lots of families around with their little children, so it's a casual and boisterous place. Finn McCool's definitely lives up to that friendly neighborhood watering hole vibe. They have a big wrap-around porch with outdoor seating too, which is great when the weather warms up.

Whether grabbing a round of beers after a round of golf or having a family meal out, Finn McCool's is a great local spot to consider when you are staying at Bella Vista. Check out their website and Facebook for more information. They opened for the season on February 11 and are gearing up for their big St. Patrick's Day celebrations, it should be a great time!

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