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Best Fries in Myrtle Beach

Aside from funnel cake, one of my favorite treats at the beach are French fries. When done poorly, they can be a sad, soggy mess. But when done well, ah, they are a joy to behold and devour! Read on for some spots to get your fry fix.

Some are places we've already hit and others are on our to-try list. Come across a great fry in town? Please drop that recommendation in the comments below!

Spanky's Pub & Grill

Talk about convenient, this spot is located right in the Kingston Plantation Marketplace, at the entrance to our resort. When we're jonesing for a burger and don't want to travel far from Bella Vista, we call ahead and put in a order for pick up to maximize our time by the water. They've got a nice patio, if you'd like to eat there.

They serve classic Beach Fries that are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Hot from the fryer, they are tossed liberally with Old Bay Seasoning and are just perfect for dipping in some malt vinegar.

Grumpy Monk

We've only been to their NMB location in off-season but I found it to be good for our large group. They have other locations at Broadway at the Beach and Carolina Forest. During peak season, they don't take reservations. And right now they're currently offering a limited menu due to staffing shortages.

These are not technically fries, but their close cousin, the tot! These choices are not for the health conscious, but for those who are on a vacation diet, i.e. the "see food" diet.

Loaded Kegs are tater tots which are smothered in their house made ranch and cheese sauce, topped with bacon and scallions. I love anything with bacon on top! For a Mexican twist, try the Nacho Tots which are topped with queso, pico de gallo, cilantro, lime, lettuce, and jalapeños.

I've also just ordered my own gravy cheese fries there, just ask for their regular fries, topped with melted cheddar and gravy for dipping on the side. Or you could go wild and just have them douse them in gravy for you; I do try to display a little restraint from time to time but usually not when I'm on vacation!

Five Guys

Yes, they're national chain but they serve some solid fries. They hand-cut fries and cook them in peanut oil, so anyone with allergies should steer clear, since peanuts are also available for snacking in the store. They've got consistently good fries that are salted well.

The closest one to Bella Vista is located in the Tanger Outlets, just down 17 from Bella Vista and there's another outpost in North Myrtle. Ask for them "extra well done" if you prefer a crispy fry. You can also try mixing some mayo and BBQ sauce together, dump it in the bag, toss with some Cajun seasoning, and shake well to coat. Yum!

Other Recommendations

Here are some places we haven't been to yet, but come recommended, so we've added them to our list to try out! If you have another spot you've discovered that has great fries, please drop that in the comments below.

River City Café

This is a local chain with 7 locations in the Grand Strand. The closest location to Bella Vista is Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle. They have hand-cut style fries, cheese fries (add chili, bacon or jalapenos), and gravy fries (add fresh sautéed mushrooms), or try their sweet potato waffle fries.


Serving up hand-cut fries with lots of dipping options, their Garlic Aioli and Truffle Aioli look particularly tempting! They've got a couple locations in the Myrtle Beach area, the closest one to Bella Vista is on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach.

Photo Credit: BurgerFi

The Marina Bar & Grill at Barefoot Resort

Their aptly named Bacon/Chicken Cheese Fries are described as "amazing!" - they're prepared with grilled chicken, then topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. Plus they have karaoke on Mondays!

Fork'n Links

A fast-casual joint, the recommendation here is actually for their sweet potato fries, which you can sub out with their large selection of burgers and hot dogs.

Eddie's Italian Café

A little off the beaten path in a strip mall in Longs, this one is recommended by locals for their burgers and fries. I'd like to try out their Cash's Cheese Fries served with ranch. I hear the specials are also worth checking out if you're going to head this way, particularly the seafood.

On the Boardwalk

Myrtle Beach Fries literally come in a bucket!

Here are two locations at the boardwalk that we'd like to hit at some point to try out their fries: Ocean Front Bar & Grill | Myrtle Beach Fries

Pro tip: if your fries aren't salty enough, instead of sprinkling your fries directly, salt your dipping condiment (like ketchup) instead. If the fries aren't right out of the fryer, then the salt grains will usually just bounce off. So if you salt your dipping condiment instead (and mix well with a fry), then you can increase your flavor instead of losing that salt to the bottom of your container.

Well that's our French fry round up so far... hit us up with more suggestions in the comments below!

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