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Café Old Vienna

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Grüß Gott! One of our favorite places in the world to visit is Vienna, as we love the beauty of the country and oh, the food... however, we are lucky in Myrtle Beach to have a great option right in town. You don't have to travel that far to get good Austrian and German food: just swing by one of our favorite spots, Café Old Vienna!

Wiener Schnitzel with sauerkraut, spatzle and a brat

Located at 1604 North Kings Highway, it has outdoor seating and a large main dining area with a small stage at the back of the restaurant. We've been there when they have a live accordionist and that's been really entertaining, especially for the kids!

They have like a thousand variations on schnitzel, of which the classic veal wiener schnitzel is our usual go-to, along with their spatzle. We also enjoy their sausage plate, which includes a bratwurst, a knackwurst, saurerkraut and, of course, spatzle with gravy. Sometimes we'll get both, and then share our entrees with each other, so we get to sample it all. So yummy!

They offer a daily homemade soup as well, and one of the nights we went, I had their smoked mushroom one. It's not 'pretty' in the Instagram sense, but it was so ridiculously delicious. It was all I could do to keep myself from licking the bowl clean - ha!

Smoky Mushroom Soup at Café Old Vienna

You also can't miss their display case of desserts right at the entrance. Along with a gorgeous apple strudel, they also have Black Forest cake, German Chocolate cake, and of course my hands-down favorite, the famous Sachertorte!

Part of Café Old Vienna's dessert menu

In Vienna, there is a famous hotel next to the Opera House called the Hotel Sacher, which is home to the Sachertorte. On our last visit there, we had to stop into the hotel's café to taste the original, which was invented by a 16-year-old apprentice chef when the main chef fell ill before an important party in the 1800s (more details about the story here).

Let's just say that if you can't make it to the original, you can still partake of this scrumptious dessert right at Café Old Vienna. I didn't really want to share this with my kids, but I did and they both gave it a thumbs up!

Café Old Vienna's Sachertorte

Also, Café Old Vienna is celebrating Oktoberfest now, so definitely check out their special menu, along with their draft beer sampler paddle, including the official Oktoberfest beer from Munich.

Finally, if you're looking for an Oktoberfest celebration in town, there is one being held at Market Common and they will have live entertainment, a kids' zone, a variety of vendors, plus a several different biers. Prooooost!

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