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Dirty Don's Oyster Bar & Grill

One of our go-to restaurants in Myrtle Beach is a casual seafood joint that has three locations in the area. We have not yet been to their outpost on the boardwalk, but have been to their other locations several times each. Sometimes we go multiple times on the same trip!

entrance to Dirty Don's restaurant in North Myrtle Beach
Dirty Don's, North Myrtle Beach

They have an extensive menu with oysters, lobster, crab, shrimp, fish, scallops, clams, crawdads, calamari... you want it, they've got it! They can also throw some of that together and make it into a seafood boil for you. We will usually start out with a dozen raw oysters or sometimes opt for a half dozen and then move onto steamed clams.

For main dishes, a popular one for us is their oyster po' boy, with generous helpings of oyster that are lightly battered and fried, served on a crisp hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato and pickle on the side. Their coleslaw is good, not overly creamy with a nice tang.

fried oyster po' boy sandwich with coleslaw
Dirty Don's Oyster Po' Boy

Another favorite dish in the family are the snow crab legs, particularly among the kids and me. We usually order one of these entrees to start, which also comes with their hushpuppies, then when we're about mid-way through cracking them, we put in the second order of this same entree. That way, by the time we're done with the first one, the second one is coming out steaming hot from the kitchen.

snow crab leg clusters on a plate

Kate is picking up the crab cracking skill quickly, so luckily now I only really have to crack for Ben, since he's not yet adept at it. We'll keep at it until he is a pro!

eating crab legs at Dirty Don's in Myrtle Beach
We were in town for our daughter's 12th birthday, and hitting up Dirty Don's for her birthday dinner was top on the list!

One of my other favorite dishes was their lobster roll, served Connecticut-style. For those unfamiliar, lobster rolls come in two camps. Maine-style is most often thought of as the 'classic' preparation of a lobster roll.

In it, the lobster is served cold, usually made into a lobster salad of sorts, with mayonnaise, tarragon, celery, and served on a bun. For Connecticut-style, the lobster is tossed with warm butter and served on a toasted bun. Pure heaven, if you ask me.

I previously had found lobster roll nirvana at the Todd English Pub at the Aria in Las Vegas, but after changing hands, they switched their preparation to the Maine-style - utter disappointment. Imagine how thrilled I was to find it offered, Connecticut-style, on Dirty Don's menu!

However, it's been a while since I last ordered it and on the latest version of their menu, they now offer something dubbed the Key Largo Lobster Roll. So I will have to give it a try during our next outing there. The new bacon-wrapped scallops also sound delicious.

We've gone to Dirty Don's for anniversaries and for birthdays and for no special reason at all, so needless to say we love hitting up this spot and have never been disappointed with the food or the service. Even when it is super busy, we've been fortunate to have on-point servers who check in with us regularly.

At their North Myrtle Beach location, we've enjoyed live music both inside, as well as outside on their patio. Their outdoor picnic tables are spaced apart more generously than their 21st Avenue location. They also have a pool table that the kids enjoy while we are waiting for our food to be served.

There is also outdoor seating at their 21st Avenue location, but it's a little bit cozier. They do have live music out some nights there as well. Right across the street is Sugar Life Ice Cream & Candy Bar, which we profiled in the post on Ice Cream Shops. So when we dine at that location, we usually skip dessert and head there to pick up some sweets on the way back to Bella Vista.

boy giving thumbs up and smiling
Dirty Don's gets a thumbs up from this happy customer!

Surprisingly, Bella Vista is actually equidistant between both the North Myrtle Beach location at the Shops on Main and the 21st Avenue location. It's about a 17-minute drive in either direction. Since the North Myrtle Beach location is newer and larger, I would suggest checking that outpost first when you're staying with us at Bella Vista.

North Myrtle | 661 Main Street

Myrtle Beach | 408 21st Avenue North between Ocean Blvd and Business 17

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk | 910 North Ocean Blvd

Have you been to Dirty Don's? If so, what's your favorite item on their menu? Drop us a note in the comments below!

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