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Splash! Waterpark

Bella Vista Beach Villa is located within Kingston Plantation and by staying with us, you'll have access to all the amenities that this great resort community has to offer.

One of our kids' favorite spots in the whole place is the SPLASH! Waterpark. It's just a easy stroll down the way from Bella Vista in the Margate Tower, past the Brighton Tower, to the Embassy Suites pool complex.

The SPLASH! Waterpark covers 50,0000 square feet and has water slides, a dumping bucket, jet sprays, and a relaxing lazy river. It's open seasonally, usually from the end of March to the end of September.

You'll want to bring the wristbands that are issued in your check-in packet. At the entrance to the waterpark, kids will be issued a wristband with a color that corresponds to their height, which also lists the type of adult supervision that is required. We usually find that having at least 2 adults is helpful, so one can keep an eye on the kids while the other snags food and drinks. Because it never fails that as soon as we hit the park, someone is in dire need of chicken fingers.

The Caribbean Water Playground

boys playing in splash waterpark
The boys pumping water in the Caribbean Water Playground

The Caribbean Water Playground is a great feature of the waterpark, awesome for kids of all ages. It has stairs so that even the littlest ones can explore, plus water spouts, jets, sprayers, and water slides. The dumping bucket at the top holds 500 gallons of water and it is great fun to hear the kids squeal as it tips over and drenches everyone.

The Lazy River

kids in inner tubes floating in lazy river
The cousins being lazy in the river

The Lazy River is another great attraction and only about 3 feet deep. Note that you can only use the standard inner tubes provided by the resort in the lazy river, so save your noodles and floaties for elsewhere. The tubes they provide are clear, likely so that the lifeguards can monitor everyone for safety. They have some tubes available that don't have an opening in the middle, so the littlest ones can sit on it like a raft.

moms floating in inner tubes in the lazy river
Moms can be lazy too!

With all that splashing around, you're bound to work up an appetite. Luckily the Splash! Bar is close by. It is open seasonally and serves bar classics like burgers, sandwiches, salads, plus chicken wings and tenders. They also serve up beer and other tasty adult beverages, including the Carribean Rum Punch I mentioned in the post on Beachy Cocktails. Yes, they serve it in a bucket. Keep the bucket.

We spend the majority of our time at the resort, but if you care to venture out, Myrtle Waves is located close to Broadway at the Beach. With 20 acres, it is actually South Carolina's largest waterpark. Aside from water slides and tube slides, it also has a flow rider, on which you can boogie board, plus a wave pool, lazy river and a 'racing' river.

If the weather is inclement or if you come to Bella Vista in a cooler season, there is also an indoor splashpad for the kids to enjoy. It is located in the on-site sports center, 78 Fitness, next to the indoor pool. You can enjoy splashing around any time of the year at Bella Vista!

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